Team Work

I like to hear

That's a good idea
How about _
That's a good one...I like it!
Your good at __
Your the best partner!
offering help in a kind tone
discussion...on topic.
It is helpful when

agree/ disagree in a kind way
group members work together
turn taking
listening.thoughtfully hearing
offering feedback
other people are being nice
making suggestions in a kind tone!
helping someone understand _
I don't like to hear

STOP! I want to do it!!
No, that's not a good idea at all!
Why did you do that? That's not right!
That's a stupid question!
We're going to do _ !
That's wierd!
I don't care
Your the worst _!
BOSSY Tone!!
You do all the work
It is NOT helpful when

People roll their eyes.
Fooling around/ off task
Talking to another group
Going somewhere else over and over.
Not following along in a reading or activity.
Correcting each other without being ask...sassy tone.
Typing randomly
Someone reads ahead
Interupting a reader unecessarily
Whispering to each other.

When someone is off...
1. invite the back to the group, "we are working on......can you join us?"
2. give them a job, "here is what we need you to do!"
3. ask, "why aren't you focused on this, " or "what do you want to do?"